To schedule an At Home appointment in this region:

• Select an open appointment time from the calendar below
• Check type of vaccination the patient is requesting and click register
• Complete the online registration form and submit
• Appointment details will be sent to the provided email after registering

Important Notes:

• Up to 10 people can be vaccinated during a single scheduled At Home appointment. Please schedule only one appointment per household.
• If multiple people are expected at one appointment, choose ONE of the patients to be registered using this form. All other patients will be registered separately at the time of the appointment.
• No government issued ID or insurance is required. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian with them to sign consent.

• Gift card incentives are not offered for booster dose appointments. Starting Monday, November 29, all incentives for at-home appointments will be delivered by mail, not at the time of the appointment.

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At Home - Southwest Region (Morning)

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Sept. 13th, 2021
Begin: 8 a.m.
End: noon
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COVID-19 Initial Vaccination (Ages 12+)

HOME - Pfizer Vaccine (Ages 12+) - Full Series

Select this option to schedule both a 1st and 2nd dose appointment. The 1st dose appointment will be scheduled for the selected time. An appointment for the 2nd dose will automatically be scheduled at the same time three weeks (21 days) later.

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HOME - J&J Vaccine (Ages 18+)

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